Health Education

Our Mission....
The mission of the Health Committee (HC) is to promote the health and welfare of Bernese Mountain Dogs among the Heart of Michigan BMDC members and other BMD owners. The Committee will do this through a number of ways, including, but not limited to: Education of members on topics relevant to Berner health; organizing health related activities; providing updates on research relevant to BMDs; promoting participation in research studies; promoting practices among breeders and the general fancy that benefit BMD breed health; encouraging the Berner community to assist others who face health problems in their dogs.

Health Committee Chairperson
Mary Maliarik, PhD

Health Committee Members
Gary Galunas, Karen Jacobs, Karen Loren, Tina Potter, Liz Ralston, Roz Salbenblat, Kathy Sibley,
Kelly Smigielski, Nancy Torstension, Laura Wagner, Mona Williams, Mark Zelenka
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