Available Berners

We are dedicated to providing education and support to consumers. Unfortunately “problem breeders” in the United States and in foreign countries are on the rise. As a result, Bernese Mountain Dogs require rescue, placement in new homes, and even euthanasia is sadly increasing. We have breed stewards in nearly every state, available to answer your questions and assist you in your search for a Bernese Mountain Dog.

For both your happiness and the dog’s, please thoroughly research the breed and the breeders before you buy. Even if they claim to be, not all breeders are ethical and all puppies are not created equal. That adorable puppy may grow to be an adult too large or in need of too much medical attention for your family to properly care for financially or emotionally. Please contact the Breed Education Committee for further information. Committee Members are happy to help!

Are you interested in Adopting or Fostering a Bernese through Rescue?

Please contact the Breed Rescue Organization in Michigan

Heart of Michigan Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue
(leave this website)

Are you interested in purchasing a puppy?

Check out our Breeder Referral Page


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